Boston: Councilor Santana Delivers His Maiden Speech

~ Boston City Councilor Santana has proposed a hearing order to address the issue of affordable housing in the city. The order states that social housing, which is publicly financed and provides mixed-income housing, has been proven to be a sustainable solution for producing and maintaining high-quality and affordable homes for people of all income levels.

According to data, the majority of households in Boston are renters and a large portion of them are struggling with the burden of high housing costs. This highlights the urgent need for action to make housing more affordable for Bostonians.

One tool that can help address this issue is public housing owned or operated by the Boston Housing Authority (BHA). However, there is currently a shortage of BHA housing units to meet the demand. The waiting times for BHA housing can be as long as ten years from the date of application, and some communities have waiting lists with thousands of applicants.

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During his speech, Councilor Santana shared personal stories from Boston residents about their experiences with housing in the city. He also spoke about his own upbringing in public housing as a child who immigrated from the Dominican Republic at a young age. He emphasized that he would not have imagined becoming a Boston City Councilor without the community investments that helped him succeed.

In light of this, Councilor Santana humbly asked his colleagues on the council to come together and explore successful strategies used by other cities to address housing access and affordability through mixed-income social housing programs. He believes that implementing similar programs in Boston could greatly benefit its residents.

The hearing order has been assigned to the Committee on Housing and Community Development for further discussion and action. Councilor Santana's maiden speech can also be listened to for more insight into his proposal. As Boston continues to grapple with affordable housing issues, it is hoped that this hearing will lead to concrete solutions being implemented for the betterment of its residents.

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