Discover 6 veggies to plant this month

HINGHAM, Mass. - BostonChron -- Welcome to an exciting new edition of Food Gardening Magazine, the dirt issue! Spring officially begins this month, and we couldn't be happier. Some of our seeds are started indoors and will be ready to move outside soon, where the soil will be of utmost importance, and since spring is the perfect time for amending soil, we dedicated almost our entire issue to it!

Of course, those of you in warmer climates may already be digging and sowing and watching your seedlings grow. In either case, one thing is sure. March can still have a few surprises in store. And for many of us, there's still a mix of winter and spring in the air.

Here's a look at some of what's sprouting in the March Issue of Food Gardening Magazine:

●      6 Vegetables to Plant in March: If you're eager to start on your garden, these six vegetables can go directly in the ground as soon as the soil is workable. (+ video!)

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●      Composting in the Winter: While it's true that winter composting doesn't move quite as quickly as summer composting, you can still start or continue this eco-friendly habit. (+ video!)

●      DIY Soil Testing for Vegetable Gardens: Before you start applying fertilizers and lime treatments, take a sample and test your soil. DIY soil testing can often prevent the need for additional "fixing" later on down the road, as healthy soil is ultimately key to success. (+ video!)

●      The Smell and Taste of Soil: This article comes from our sister publication, GreenPrints Magazine. In it, writer Becky Rupp shares some fascinating scientific facts about soil. This is no boring lecture, though. Read this and you can find out, and even experience, "what the earth smelled like to the dinosaurs!"

●      Composting 101: What and How to Compost: If you're feeling unsure about composting, don't miss this! Along with the basics of composting, there's a quick-start chart here, that breaks down the process and lists the many things you can compost, along with those that don't belong in the compost bin.

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●      Fire-Roasted Tomato Kale Soup: Easy to prepare and fun on your taste buds, this Fire-Roasted Tomato Kale Soup uses home-"fired" tomatoes and leafy Tuscan kale, alongside fresh fennel and carrots, to soften and smooth out this hearty garden soup.

The latest issue of Food Gardening Magazine seen at also features our deep dive collections on beets, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. You'll get tons of tips for growing these three exciting plants, from choosing the type you want to grow to prepping your garden and all the way through harvesting and enjoying them in your kitchen.

Christy Page

Source: Food Gardening Network

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