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HINGHAM, Mass. - BostonChron -- Welcome to an exciting new edition of Food Gardening Magazine, the Water issue! If you've ever had questions about watering your garden, this is your issue. We're diving into this topic with three feature articles, plus a fun article about water science, which references dinosaurs, asteroids, and the Greek philosopher, Plato. What other gardening magazine will give you that?

From amendments to mulch to DIY drip irrigation systems to copper, steel, and plastic watering cans, the May issue of Food Gardening Magazine highlights one of the most essential parts of the garden – water.

Aside from water, what else goes into the garden? In May, there's a lot that can go into the garden. The 10 herbs and vegetables we're featuring in this issue, however, prefer to go right into the ground rather than getting started early and transplanted. Peas or carrots, anyone?

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Of course, we're also harvesting kale right now, which is a main ingredient in this month's delicious recipe.

In all, you'll find five featured articles, a mouth-watering recipe, a downloadable Tomato Garden-to-Table Recipe Card Kit, and explorations of our three featured plants: Asparagus, Carrots, and Onions.  And, as always, there are some additional delightful recipes in store from the gardening guides highlighted in this issue.

Here's a look at some of what's happening in the May Issue of Food Gardening Magazine seen at

Here are some exciting articles and videos to look forward to in the May Issue of Food Gardening Magazine, which we've dubbed "The Watering: A-Z Issue":

●      Watering A to Z: Everything You Need to Know About Watering Your Garden

●      10 Herb & Vegetable Seeds to Plant in May

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●      How to Create a Custom DIY Drip Irrigation System for Raised Beds for Under $100

●      Fire-Roasted Tomato Kale Soup

●      Picking  a Great Watering Can (Maybe)

●      The Tomato Garden-to-Table Recipe Card Kit

●      Honoring Rain in the Garden

The latest issue of Food Gardening Magazine also features our deep dive collections on asparagus, carrots, and onions. You'll get tons of tips for growing these three exciting plants, from choosing the type you want to grow to prepping your garden and all the way through harvesting and enjoying them in your kitchen.

We hope you enjoy the May edition of Food Gardening Magazine as much as we've enjoyed making it. Open up the May Issue today at and join us in dreaming, planting, and enjoying all things food gardening.

Christy Page

Source: Food Gardening Network

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