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EASTON, Mass., Oct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- DRoll Associates believes that COVID-19 has struck a blow to businesses in every industry, bringing remote work to the forefront as organizations struggle to continue operations while ensuring their employees' safety. In response, DRolls Associates has released key insights into the benefits of outsourcing during the pandemic.

Supporting Existing Staff

DRolls Associates believes the current work-from-home (WFH) paradigm has introduced a host of challenges that organizations and their employees need to deal with, and previous processes and expectations are no longer feasible. The company claims that employees are under new and stressful environments, often juggling the responsibilities of being a parent while trying to work and reach the same level of productivity which DRolls believes isn't possible or fair to expect it of them.

Outsourcing additional staff to provide temporary support for the existing team can make a world of difference according to the company.  DRolls advises that employees lay out the day-to-day tasks they need to execute and reprioritize what they should and shouldn't focus on. The company also suggests having an outsourced VA take care of admin tasks, which can already reduce the workload and stress for many employees.

Experienced Remote Workers

DRolls states that one of the benefits of hiring remote workers from the get-go is that they already know how to operate and be productive remotely; they are already in their usual work environment. For organizations not used to working with remote employees, the company believes outsourcing can have a learning curve and that experienced remote workers help make this learning curve practically non-existent. They already have the processes in place with platforms and tools (i.e., Monday, Toggl, Trello, etc.) to provide full transparency into their time, and should be able to easily adjust to any existing platforms already adopted by the organization.

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Dynamic, Scalable Teams

Outsourcing enables faster and more effective scalability according to the firm. DRolls believes that this is particularly challenging during the pandemic as teams need to grow temporarily to ensure goals are met despite changes in productivity. The company states that being able to scale teams up and down as needed and quickly is critical. If we take sales as an example, it usually starts with one employee. As results come in and the budget grows, the team is expanded and more employees are hired. This takes a lot of time, resources, and often involves quite a bit of trial and error. Outsourcing enables businesses to start with a full sales team from day one without having to hire each individual on the team full-time. The team can increase or decrease hours and team members as needed. Additionally, such a team will already have experience working as a team, and will be able to provide smooth operations and fast results from day one.

Faster Onboarding

Typical hiring processes take time. Once a new employee is hired, more time is spent on onboarding, which is particularly challenging to do remotely. Outsourcing can help businesses save time and money, especially for positions that require lengthy onboarding, like sales. According to DRolls, onboarding is usually much faster, and usually managed by the outsourced company.

Reduced Costs

DRolls states that outsourcing means businesses pay less expenses for things like taxes, social security, insurance, sick leave, holidays, and other benefits. In short, with outsourced employees, business pay for the time they get. If an employee takes a day off or needs a sick leave, the responsibility of finding a replacement no longer rests on the business, but on the outsourcing company. The outsourcing company takes care of the hiring process, onboarding, and continuous training and employee management throughout the employment period.

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While outsourcing may not work for every company, it's definitely worth looking at the benefits and considering if it may help ease the burdens placed on your business according to the firm. During uncertain times in particular, having flexible options can be a huge advantage for companies, and can help handle some of the financial fallout caused by the pandemic.

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