EdTech Platform Knobull Helps Reshape Learning And The Global Economy

BOSTON - BostonChron -- Lynn Bentley, President of Knobull reported, "We are on the brink of the decentralized education (DeEd) revolution. There are more than a billion new students coming online in the next few years, students who have never used an online-learning system, who will become the future workforce with access information that will create the next tidal wave in the global economy."

The platforms available like Knobull now directly connect students with members of the educational industry, allowing boundless cross-border engagement with top academics and the liberty to modify students' education and career development programs online.

There are four questions that can help educators respond to this major shift:
  • How can we solve this challenge of reaching these students?
  • Are the current tools available to educational organizations able to eliminate gender disparities in education and ensure equal access to all levels of education?
  • Is the current system designed to take advantage of the predicted doubling of the EdTech sector in the next five years?
  • Is our current education toolset able to equip the next generation of educational platforms for Web 3.0 integration?

This requires a set of decentralized tools, and maintaining independence from any third-party influence can be guaranteed by the use of smart contracts, community-driven governance and an open ecosystem.

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Smaller education platforms tutors, EdTech platforms similar to Knobull, blogs, teachers, etc. are having a larger and larger impact on the online learning space. They adapt faster and make quicker decisions than their prominent counterparts.

The implications of a billion more connected, educated minds are staggering, and this deserves our attention. Unlocking the EdTech sector with Web 3.0 DeEd tools will cause hundreds of billions of dollars to flow into the global economy.

Bentley concluded, "Innovation in education matches the scale of the solution to the scale of the challenge. DeEd and the future of learning will unlock the human capital and collective brainpower of a billion people to solve some of the greatest challenges we have on Earth. The future of learning is bright with DeEd and the Knobull academic search engine with career support tools is at the forefront of this move forward."

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