Haydn - Quartet, Op.1, No.1 - arranged for Flute Quartet

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The earliest string quartets of Haydn are not precursors of the later works wherein he developed the form and style of the classical string quartet, but rather divertimenti written for four friends when he was about 25; they became listed as string quartets by historical accident and convenience.  Most of these works have the usual five-movements: fast, minuet/trio, slow, minuet/trio, fast.  Their slow movements feature beautiful, elaborate, gently accompanied melodies.  Although the ranges of the four parts are of course those of a string quartet, the divertimento style and instrumental character of these early pieces does not evoke strings specifically, and thus arrangement for other instruments is natural and might expand enjoyment of these wonderful first significant Haydn works.  (adapted from John W. Pratt's foreword to the edition)

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John W. Pratt has just completed an arrangement of Haydn's Op.1, No.1 for a flute quartet of two concert flutes, alto flute, and bass flute. Most of the range problems were solved by transposition up a step, a few more by exchanging the two inner parts in places or by octave transpositions.  The result is an effective, beautiful adaptation of this delightful early Haydn quartet for flutes.  For additional information about this new edition, available exclusively from Noteworthy Sheet Music, visit the NSM listing page at https://noteworthysheetmusic.com/score-descriptions/40-flute-duos-trios-quartets/1031-haydn-op-1-no-1-arr-flute-quartet.

Source: Noteworthy Sheet Music, LLC

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