It's Winter Gardening Season with Food Gardening Network – No Matter Where You Live!

Even with snow on the ground and ice in the air, we've figured out how to garden in the winter. And we're sharing the secret with you!

HINGHAM, Mass. - BostonChron -- The time has come. We've harvested the last of our outdoor winter greens and the only thing in the ground is the garlic that won't be up until late spring or so. We haven't seen a lot of snow yet, but that can change any day now. All of this probably has you wondering what there is to talk about in January in a food gardening magazine.

It's true that there won't be much going on in the outdoor garden this month. We can, however, move those gardens indoors and try our hand at hydroponic gardening. And what better time than January to do it?

It's a bit early for starting seeds, and in most four-season locations, it's gotten too cold outdoors even for most of our hardy greens like kale. That makes this the perfect time for indoor gardening, which is exactly what we're exploring in this issue of Food Gardening Magazine. If you're interested in winter gardening, take a look at these articles and videos that highlight hydroponic gardening and get an idea of what you can anticipate.

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The latest issue of Food Gardening Magazine, available at, also features our deep dive collections on cilantro, tomatoes, and hot peppers. You'll get tons of tips for growing these three exciting plants, from choosing the type you want to grow to prepping your garden and all the way through harvesting and enjoying them in your kitchen.

Explore ways to improve your cilantro crop, with 9 Cilantro Companion Plants That Keep a Whole Garden Thriving. Companion planting is the practice of pairing plants together for mutual benefit and we will discuss a number of plants that make good companions for cilantro.

Then, in The 5 Best Tomatoes for Salsa, we'll look at five types of tomatoes that work wonderfully in salsa and all the other essential ingredients for a flawless traditional salsa!

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Having a garden full of ripened hot peppers is like turning on the holiday lights in the middle of summer; it's a beautiful thing! But what to do with all those peppers? In What to Do With Hot Peppers After a Big Harvest, we'll share our top ten ways to use them up!

We hope you enjoy the January edition of Food Gardening Magazine as much as we've enjoyed making it. Open up the January Issue today at and join us in dreaming, planting, and enjoying all things food gardening.

Christy Page

Source: Food Gardening Network

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