Knobull Helps Develop Critical Skills To Streamline Career Success

BOSTON - BostonChron -- Lynn Bentley, President of Knobull, explained, "These are my key recommendations for surviving and thriving in business, as a business professional. These should come as no surprise to you since they haven't changed in many decades, and experts expect will serve you well in the current turbulent times we all face:"

1.    Spend time nurturing productive work relationships.

It takes effort and homework to find productive relationship channels, such as industry conferences, connections to experts, and key customer relationships. Relationships are still the key to career opportunities.

2.    Hone your project management skills above all others.

Too many careers and businesses fail due to projects that went off the rails. Project management requires that you see the big picture, understand who and what resources are required, have the ability the communicate and motivate people, and have the skills to track progress.

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3.    Graduate from an idea person to one who delivers results.

Some people are all talk and no action. Others are good at starting things but are not reliable at the finish line. In entrepreneurial circles, the idea person always needs to be paired with someone who can deliver. Ideas without results kill many businesses.

4.    Nurture a reputation for coming to work prepared.

We all know a few professional office mates who never show up on time or waste your first hour talking about non-work events or general complaints. Team members quickly note who is always ready to dive in to work challenges.

5.    Maintain a work-life balance for health and rejuvenation.

Successful people are able to find enough personal time off to balance personal needs against the constant barrage of work demands. Find what works for you.

6.    Keep your results list always longer than your to-do list.

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Everyone is impressed with team members who are ready to take on new challenges and always produce results, rather than being too busy and flashing a large to-do list. Businesses win and grow by achieving more results.

7.    Timely follow-up on customer and team member requests.

To be sure, you notice if work-related phone calls and social media requests are not acknowledged or answered within one full work day. Your career depends on the image you set here.

8.    Continually expand your role and assignments willingness.

Don't use your job description to put boundaries on your willingness to take on work or respond to requests from others. Stretch here also increases job satisfaction.

Bentley concluded, "Don't ever discount the value of keeping up with the new technologies and tools, but these won't save you unless you start with these basics. Reasonably priced courses, to develop these skills, are available by tapping Fast Company edX on the Knobull homepage."

Source: Knobull

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