Knobull Helps GenZers Learn Basic Job Skills Most Lack

BOSTON - BostonChron -- Lynn Bentley, President of Knobull reported, "This generation has faced a unique set of challenges before entering the workforce. It's our job as their supporter to help fill in the gaps. Gen Z will make up a third of the workforce by 2030."

Though they're  known for being the first "digital natives," the most educated generation, and the most racially and ethnically diverse, they've also been described with contradictory superlatives.

For this generation, it's important to know that experts say Gen Z's rough ride in recent years means many are also coming into the workplace lacking a set of critical, often invisible skills.

What can they do?

Recognize and meet them where they are

Most of the gaps have to do with what are referred to as power skills, oftentimes seen as soft skills.

With pandemic-altered schooling and internships, many Gen Z-ers have had limited in-office work experience.

Communicate, communicate, and then . . . communicate some more

Many of this generation lack traditional email and writing skills. It's not that they don't know how to write, but they don't necessarily know who to copy, how to copy, or who to send an email to..

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Asking current staff members to suggest key procedures for newcomers is important, After the Gen Zer has mastered those, they should look for opportunities to find a mentor.

Supervisors need to be asked for weekly one-on-one conversations, and half of that should be some level of coaching, which is not just telling you what you're doing right or wrong.

Be empathetic to career goals

Understand that your desired growth and leadership trajectory may or may not match existing skills. Look out for the next move.

A November 2022 McKinsey report: Data collected from 1,763 Gen Z respondents that spring  showed that 25% work multiple jobs, 51% do independent work, and 45% are concerned about the stability of their employment.

Be alert to the benefits of building workplace networks

Many admit they didn't know how important workplace relationships could be until they see a boss lean on established relationships with colleagues to navigate emergencies. Often it's missed [that] this was going to be a skill that had to be developed in the workplace.

Too often instructors didn't place an emphasis on group projects in high school and in college.

See challenges as an opportunity to grow together

Try reframing your generation's missing skills as an opportunity to reexamine training procedures to benefit everyone in the workplace.

Bentley concluded, "It's our job to be guided and learn from useful resources like Knobull which provides an academic search engine, JobStars career coaching, edX 3000+ online courses and student focused news, along the way."

Source: Knobull

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