Knobull Helps Job Searchers Cope With The Interview Process That Now Takes Too Long

BOSTON - BostonChron -- It's not your imagination. Many have been searching for a new mid- to senior-level opportunity recently. They complain that the interview process is taking too long.

Lynn Bentley, President of Knobull reported, "The research by our learning and career development company and workforce solutions business AMS found that the duration for global hiring is at an "all-time high." The recruitment process now averages about 43 days."

This is caused by more people seeking new positions and companies instituting stealth hiring freezes. Also they are putting pressure on internal recruiters and hiring managers to find the perfect candidate. The Knobull team recommends that searchers use a career coach like JobStars to streamline the search. The service can be found at the Knobull homepage.

The Market Dictates The Process

Managers are reluctant to make quick decisions when there are elements of fear and market uncertainty and it's easy for interviewers to kick the can down the road instead of taking decisive actions.

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Desirous of keeping costs down, businesses are now reluctant to hire unless they can find a superstar.

Decision-Making Inertia

It used to be that a job applicant would interview with human resources, the hiring manager and maybe a senior-level manager to round out the interviewing process. Now, candidates meet with around six to 10 people at a company.

Making a decision by consensus creates a feeling of safety in numbers. Some feel pressured to make the hiring process as involved as possible to justify their own jobs.

Be Prepared For Tough And Rude Treatment

It will be tougher to procure a premium to your current compensation when competing against a large pool of other top applicants. The steady flow of résumés will make human resources presume that job hunters are desperate and willing to accept lowball offers.

What You Need To Do Now

When searching for a new job, focus on what you can control and don't be too hard on yourself. Take a edX course, at the Knobull homepage, that can greatly enhance your marketability.

Bentley concluded, "We all fall prey to negative ruminations. When this occurs, think of all the times you've overcome obstacles and challenges in your life. It will help improve your mindset and interviewing style."

Source: Knobull

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