Knobull Support Concludes If You're Stuck In Your Career

BOSTON - BostonChron -- Lynn Bentley, President of Knobull suggested, "We've been conditioned for contentment, but contentment can be settling for less when you deserve more. Fear and a lack of support allows one to settle. The risk is leading an unfulfilled career."

How to Know You're Stuck

A recent grad says she didn't realize she was stuck as a marketing professional for a large Midwestern company until a speaker she heard at a seminar recognized it for her.

One of the biggest signs is if you're relying on others to lead your career. This is often described as "waiting to be tapped on the shoulder," such as being invited to interview for a higher position.

Many of us in corporate America have been taught to wait for others to validate us or to see something in us and to give us permission to have aspirations beyond our current roles.

Another sign is lacking aspiration. People come to life coaches and mentors looking for the answers relative to their lives in their careers. Instead, career coaches suggest redefining success on your terms.

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The fourth sign that you're stuck is if you lack fulfillment. Success and fulfillment are two different things.

If you realize you're stuck, JobStars founder recommends three steps for correcting the situation.

1. Visualize

One of the best gifts any of us can give ourselves is the ability to capture and mentally create an ideal life or an ideal workday. Dreaming removes some of the mental constraints of doubt and fear and allows us to access that part of the brain where we're not afraid.

2. Reflect

The second step is reflection. You are your own best teacher if you take the time to listen to what you've learned and do some deep reflection about how you show up in the world.

The art of reflection is one of the most powerful self-assessments and accountability tools you can engage in.

3. Acknowledge

The third step is the most powerful. Acknowledging requires that you confess to yourself and affirm your purpose. Here, we're not looking for permission or the validation of others. When we acknowledge our purpose and our 'why,' it's ours.

Bentley concluded, "Becoming unstuck involves understanding your purpose and connecting to it to create a solid foundation upon which you can pursue your career goals. For further guidance, tap JobStars at the Knobull homepage.

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