Massachusetts: Governor Healey Awards over $2.3 Million in Funding from the Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund

BOSTON — Today the Healey-Driscoll administration awarded 50 grants to cannabis social equity businesses in 28 communities, totaling $2,350,000, through the Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund (CSETF). These awards follow Governor Healey's recent pardon of marijuana possession misdemeanor offenses as part of the administration's efforts to advance equity and justice in Massachusetts.

The Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund was established to provide financial assistance to eligible applicants for the purpose of encouraging the full participation in the state's regulated marijuana industry of entrepreneurs from communities that have been disproportionately harmed by marijuana prohibition and enforcement. The Immediate Needs Grant Program was launched in January as the first grant program to offer financial assistance from the Trust Fund to support eligible cannabis social equity license holders with urgent financial needs.

"Our administration is committed to righting historic wrongs from the War on Drugs, both by addressing inequities in the criminal justice system and by advancing equity in the cannabis industry. With the Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund, we're creating a sustainable and inclusive path to the industry for Massachusetts entrepreneurs that have faced barriers to entry," said Governor Maura Healey. "This funding will fill critical gaps necessary to allow social equity businesses to grow and succeed here in Massachusetts."

"Marijuana prohibition and enforcement has historically disadvantaged those living in communities of color. With the Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund, we are rewriting this narrative and providing a secure path for aspiring social equity cannabis entrepreneurs to succeed," said Lieutenant Governor Driscoll.

"The Immediate Needs Grant Program exemplifies our commitment to advancing equity within the cannabis industry in Massachusetts," said Secretary of Economic Development Yvonne Hao. "This inaugural round of funding will not only boost our economy in new ways, but also reaffirms that our state is the best place for business."

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The Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund was established by Section 14A of Chapter 94G of the General Laws. The legislation also established the Cannabis Social Equity Advisory Board, to work with and advise EOED on the administration of the Trust Fund.

"I am proud to join the Healey-Driscoll administration to celebrate the inaugural round of awardees from the Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund," said State Senator Gomez, Senate Chair of the Legislature's Cannabis Policy Committee. "Given the precedent set by prohibition era measures, commonly known as the War of Drugs, this financial assistance is only the beginning of sound legislation to address the dire need many cannabis dispensaries have vocalized. I look forward to advocating alongside my colleagues in the legislature for additional funding for entrepreneurs and communities in the Hampden district and across the Commonwealth."

"The Social Equity Trust Fund is the product of tireless effort from many advocates, stakeholders, and my colleagues in the Legislature to better ensure equitable access to the Cannabis industry. I would like to thank Speaker Mariano for his leadership and commitment to advancing this social equity fund last session," said Representative Dan Donahue, House Chair of the Legislature's Cannabis Policy Committee. "Thank you as well to the Social Equity Trust Fund board for their work in advising the administration on the program and their continuing efforts to address the wrongs of the War on Drugs with this access to capital."

The grant awardees are:

Advesa MA, Inc.

City of Cambridge, $50,000

Apple Guy Flowers, LLC
Town of Uxbridge, $50,000

Aunty Budz LLC
Town of Florence, $50,000

Bada Bloom! Inc.
Town of Tyngsborough, $50,000

Bailey's Buds LLC
Town of Dracut, $50,000

Belle Fleur Holdings LLC
Town of Blandford, $50,000

Blossom Flower LLC
Town of Holyoke, $50,000

Blue Sky Organics LLC
Town of Newton, $50,000

Boston Bud Factory Inc.
Town of Holyoke, $50,000

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Bracts & Pistils, LLC
Town of Taunton, $50,000

Cloud 9 Cultivation LLC
City of Quincy, $20,000

DB Delivery MA, LLC
City of Boston, $33,000

Delivered, Inc.
Town of Clinton, $30,000

Dris Corporation
Town of Natick, $50,000

Elevation Inc.
City of Brockton, $50,000

Ember Gardens Delivery LLC
Town of Somerset, $50,000

Freshly Baked Company
City of Taunton, $50,000

Gan Or LLC
Town of Northampton, $50,000

Gas Bus LLC
City of Boston, $50,000

Grassp Ventures LLC
City of Salem, $50,000

Green Flash Delivery LLC
City of Boston, $50,000

Greener Leaf, Inc.
Town of Fall River, $50,000

Greenerside Holdings, LLC
City of Boston, $50,000

Herbal Power LLC
City of Boston, $50,000

Holyoke Smokes Corp
Town of Holyoke, $50,000

Home Grown 617 LLC
City of Cambridge, $50,000

Infused Element
Town of Holyoke, $35,000

JimBuddys Rec Shop, Inc.
Town of Chicopee, $50,000

KG Collective Brockton, LLC
City of Brockton, $32,000

KindRun Massachusetts, LLC
Town of Hudson, $50,000

Lucky Green Ladies, LLC
Town of Norton, $50,000

Major Bloom
City of Worcester, $50,000

Motah 420 LLC
Town of Adams, $50,000

New Dia, LLC
City of Worcester, $50,000

On Root, LLC
Town of Lynn, $50,000

Paper Crane Provisions LLC
Town of Hubbardston, $50,000

Primus LLC
City of Springfield, $50,000

Rolling Releaf, LLC
Town of Newton, $50,000

Rooted In LLC
City of Boston, $50,000

Royal Sun Farm LLC
Town of Hubbardston, $50,000

Social-J, LLC
Town of Northampton, $25,000

Stone's Throw Cannabis LLC
City of Boston, $25,000

Team Green, LLC
City of Boston, $50,000

Teddy's Veggie Farm
Town of Spencer, $50,000

The Heritage Club LLC
City of Boston, $50,000

Treevit LLC
Town of Athol, $50,000

Underground Legacy Social Club LLC
City of Boston, $50,000

Uproot LLC
City of Worcester, $50,000

Verdant Reparative Inc.
City of Boston, $50,000

Zyp Run, Inc.
City of Boston, $50,000

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