Max Amini Announces Powerful Interview with Reza Pahlavi, Former Crown Prince of Iran; to Premiere April 1st

Reza Pahlavi and Max Amini Max Amini // William Cole Photography
The In-depth and Authentic Conversation Between Iranian-American Director, Max Amini and Crown Prince of Iran

LOS ANGELES - BostonChron -- Iranian-American Director, Comedian, and Producer Max Amini will be releasing a powerful exclusive 2 part documentary-style interview featuring Reza Pahlavi, the exiled Crown Prince of the former Iranian government. The conversation explores the personal biography of Pahlavi and his thoughts on the current political events unfolding in Iran. The conversation is in Farsi with English subtitles and serves as a powerful follow-up to Amini's conversation last year with Iranian soccer star and activist, Ali Karimi (link here). The sit down conversation will be premiering on April 1st and available to watch via Amini's YouTube channel, which boasts 167K subscribers.

The interview gives audiences a rare opportunity to gain insight into the life and perspectives of one of the most important figures in recent Iranian history. Reza Pahlavi, the son of the late Shah of Iran, has lived in exile since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Pahlavi has continued to be an active advocate for a peaceful and democratic transition in Iran and has been a bold vocal critic of the current regime. In the interview, Pahlavi discusses his upbringing, his relationship with his father, and the events leading up to the Iranian Revolution. He also shares his thoughts on the current political situation in Iran and his vision for the hopeful future of the country.

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Amini is known for his comedic talent and distinct filmmaking style, bringing with him a unique perspective to the interview. Amini's skillful direction and insightful questions guide the conversation, creating an intimate portrait of Pahlavi and his life.

Max has appeared on shows such as NBC's Heroes, Netflix's Real Rob with Rob Schneider, and Comedy Central's Mind of Mencia, and has garnered multiple hour-long comedy specials, and sold to networks including Discovery and Voice of America. Most recently, Max directed and produced the award-winning short film, James The Second, a coming-of-age story inspired by the real life pain of the Iranian Community. On top of his credits within the film and television space, Max is also an accomplished comedian who uses his tool of comedy to further conversations around family ties, cultural trappings, and social topics. He tours internationally and performs regularly through his residency at the Hollywood Laugh Factory.

The 2-part documentary-style interview with Pahlavi provides important and unique insight into the history and current politics of Iran, and is especially relevant as the global entertainment community seeks to support the rights of Iranians. Amini and Pahlavi discussed various topics centered around the state of Iran and the power of the media to enact change. Conversations such as these are a prime example of the hard-hitting work that Amini has focused on throughout his career. He is steadfastly passionate about bringing awareness to the plight of Iranians and believes in using his platform for educational purposes.

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"The entertainment community has a powerful role in shaping public opinion and the issues that are prioritized in society," shared Amini. "Unfortunately, historically underrepresented communities, such as the Iranian community, have been largely ignored by mainstream media. This results in a lack of awareness and understanding of the challenges and plights faced by these groups. It is imperative that media outlets shed light on these issues, bringing attention to the unique struggles and experiences of these communities. This is why I am so thrilled to bring this conversation with Crown Prince Pahlavi to the global community."

Diversity, inclusion, and education through entertainment have always been at the core of Max's work, and he continues to use his ever-growing platform to enact real change within his space and community.


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Max Amini is the founder and face of Abstraction Media. As a seasoned director, producer, and performer, Max has numerous film and television credits. Most recently, he directed the film, James the Second, a coming-of-age drama. Other recent projects include a Netflix original stand-up special Enissa Amani: Erhenwort, a 12-episode reality car show, and a hit 24-episode talk show for international network Voice of America.

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