Tectonic Therapeutic Announces Start of First Clinical Program for GPCR-Targeted Biologic

BOSTON ~ Tectonic Therapeutic, Inc., a biotechnology company specializing in the discovery of novel GPCR-targeted therapies (G-Protein Coupled Receptors), has announced the completion of dosing of the first human cohort in its Fc-relaxin fusion program targeting the RXFP1 receptor.

Alise Reicin, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tectonic Therapeutic, expressed her excitement at this milestone: "The start of our first-in-human study is a critical and exciting milestone. We look forward to seeing the potential of relaxin biology realized in patients."

Relaxin is known as a "pregnancy hormone" and is upregulated during pregnancy to help the expectant mother's cardiovascular system meet the increased demand from the developing fetus, and to remodel tissues and musculoskeletal structures involved in childbirth. It also produces a unique and diverse range of biological effects that include pulmonary and systemic vasodilation, tissue remodeling / fibrosis reversal and reduction of inflammation. This makes it a potential therapeutic agent for cardio-pulmonary diseases.

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Tectonic's TX000045 Fc-relaxin fusion protein ("TX45") is an engineered protein designed to overcome biophysical property limitations and achieve optimal pharmacokinetic, target engagement and developability properties. Following completion of dose escalation safety studies in healthy volunteers, continued development will focus on addressing areas of very high unmet need in cardio-pulmonary indications.

Tim Springer, PhD, Co-Founder of Tectonic and Latham Family Professor at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Medicine at Children's Hospital Boston commented: "TX45 could be a potentially transformative therapy for a vast number of patients with cardiovascular diseases... TX45 is exemplary of the company's ability to execute in the development of novel GPCR-targeted biologics. We look forward to future clinical programs emerging from Tectonic's platform."

Tectonic Therapeutic's announcement marks an important milestone in their efforts to develop novel GPCR-targeted therapies for cardio-pulmonary diseases using relaxin as an agonist for RXFP1 receptor activation. With their engineered protein TX45 offering potential best-in-class properties, they are hopeful that it will be able to address areas with very high unmet need in these indications.
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