The Five Pillars of Success Pillar One Strengths Outlined by Rosann Santos CPC

5 Pillars Of Success Pillar 1: Strengths Gallup Strengths Coach Rosann Santos, CPC
Certified Professional Coach (CPC), bilingual keynote speaker, and leadership coach Rosann Santos is looking to fill a huge diversity gap by breaking down the Five Pillars of Success to her clients and audiences worldwide.

NEW YORK - BostonChron -- According to a recent study at Harvard Law School which analyzed 1,583 executives at the 100 largest companies in the S&P50, only 23% of S&P100 C-suite members were either Asian, Black, and Hispanic/Latino yet they comprise 37% of the U.S. workforce and only 28% of S&P100 C-suite members were women yet they comprise 47% of the workforce.

One certified career coach from New York City is looking to fill that gap.

Rosann Santos, CPC is a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach who delivers leadership advice, training and seminars to audiences worldwide. At the core of her coaching and training are the Five Pillars of Success which embodies those qualities that employers are looking for in their employees for C-Suite level consideration.

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In the first video of her series entitled, "5 Pillars of Success" she outlined Pillar #1: Understanding Your Strengths.

This specific pillar is a facet of leadership that cannot be ignored. She explained how, "Most executives have taken a strengths inventory at some point in their careers to identify their top strengths. Developing their strengths and then applying them intentionally enabled them to be considered for C-level positions.

5 Pillars of Strengths: Pillar #1 Strengths can be seen at the link below:

The study found that C-suites in Corporate America are still disproportionately white and male. There is significant under-representation of women, Black, and Hispanic/Latino executives in most C-suite positions.

The American workforce is diverse, with 37% being Asian, Black, or Hispanic/ Latino, and 47% being women. Therefore, this has created a melting pot of skills, ideas, and experiences that although it can certainly help organizations innovate and thrive - most of it is not pouring into executive-level positions. Simply put, that diversity isn't flowing into executive leadership.

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With her certification and coaching, Rosann can help aspiring C-suite employees and college students get noticed in ways that are positive and beneficial to their future in the C-suite.

For executive coaching email her through her Gallup Coaching Page or website at:

For more information on Rosann's background, her training, keynote speaking, and facilitation, visit her website at

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