The President Of Knobull Recommends Methods That Add Zest To Work Life

BOSTON - BostonChron -- "Every job comes with its own repetitive, mind-numbing tasks, but it's those moments when you get to try new things and challenge yourself that really make a job enjoyable", says Lynn Bentley, President of Knobull. "No matter what industry you're in, being able to stretch yourself and your abilities will always bring a sense of satisfaction."

But mixing things up at work isn't always easy, especially if you've been in your role for a long time. So how can you go about making things more interesting and varied? If you're not sure, then honing your skills could be a great place to start.

Einstein [reportedly] said we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them. Creative thinking allows you to do exactly that.


If you're a leader looking for ways to introduce more opportunities for your team to get creative at work, simply changing up the way you conduct meetings could make a world of difference. Creative meetings ideally bring people out of their comfort zone a bit.

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While some jobs will require you to come up with ideas all the time, others may not – and it's in these industries where forcing yourself to come up with new ideas (however random) could help to foster your sense of creativity. Use of brainstorming to generate ideas is a method to think outside the box.

When you have an ocean of ideas, you have a greater chance of finding a pearl. And you could be the very person who comes up with the bright idea that solves an important problem for your company.

To help foster this approach, take a course that can generate new ideas from an online provider like edX that can be accessed on the Knobull homepage.


If you really want to push yourself out of the box, a great place to start is the 'say yes' game, which helps companies to support their employees' wellbeing and connection at work using creativity and playfulness.

This exercise is all about accepting your own and other people's ideas and daring to let your imagination run wild, and it can be done as a pair or on your own. Complete the process by picking a few that make most sense.

Bentley concluded, "If you're doing this exercise with someone else, take it in turn to form a chain of wild activities, each more outlandish than the other. Notice how you feel during the activity and after – does it help you to feel more like saying yes or even, 'Why not?' during other parts of your day?"

Source: Knobull

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