"Third Thursdays" comes full circle w/host Bryant, joined by Hall, Hofbauer, Matsuki, Turner

The first year of "Third Thursdays" comes full circle w/host keyboardist/composer Dave Bryant joined by those who participated in the series launch: Tom Hall (tenor sax), Eric Hofbauer (guitar), Miki Matsuki (drums), w/John Turner (bass).

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - BostonChron -- st April 2022, Cambridge-based keyboardist and composer Dave Bryant launched "Third Thursdays," a monthly harmolodic jazz series. On that special occasion, Bryant was joined by his long-time local collaborators Tom Hall (sax), Eric Hofbauer (guitar), John Turner (bass), and Miki Matsuki (drums).

In a fitting coda to wrap up this first year of monthly harmolodic jazz concerts, Tom Hall, Eric Hofbauer, and Miki Matsuki will once again join Dave Bryant in his monthly quest to keep carrying the experimental musical torch, instigated by Ornette Coleman, who was Bryant's mentor and collaborator for many years. For March's "Third Thursdays," bassist John Turner will join in on this first-year milestone concert.

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"It's wonderful to have the opportunity afforded me by this series to be challenged and engaged by many friends and colleagues with whom I perform only rarely. But it's very special to be able to play again with this group of musicians who have built relationships of empathy and trust over a long period of time." (Dave Bryant)

This concert will complete the first year of the series, serving as a coda for the first 12 months and setting the stage for an exciting and varied concert calendar moving forward. An announcement will be made by mid-March regarding the plans for the series from April through the summer months. All "Third Thursdays" concerts are held in the Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church, located just outside Harvard Square.

Take note that the first year of "Third Thursdays" performances and interviews have been documented and direct links will reside at dbryantmusic.com/third-thursdays. Performance videos and interviews with former Ornette Coleman colleagues are also available at youtube.com/@davebryantmusic/videos.

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Basic listings info for March is as follows:
"Third Thursdays" with Dave Bryant and Friends: a monthly harmolodic jazz series. Continues on Thursday, March 16, 8:00 pm, with Dave Bryant (keyboards), Tom Hall (saxophones), Eric Hofbauer (guitar), John Turner (bass), and Miki Matsuki (drums). For further updates, visit dbryantmusic.com/third-thursdays/. Admission at the door: $10 (cash/check/charge). Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church, 1555 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138. Contact information: bryantequilibria@gmail.com, 617-447-3030.

Further background on the "Third Thursdays" monthly series can be found at https://dbryantmusic.com/. The "Third Thursdays" harmolodic jazz series is funded in part by the Appalachian Springs Foundation (ASF), a private foundation located in Charleston, WV.

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